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Jan 12, 2013 7:00am EST
the yemen prison system has been senior members of al qaeda escape not once but twice from yemeni prisons. is the fix simply a better yemeni prison. what is the fix that would make these people who are yemeni or cleared for release, how would this work? >> there are 30 even prisoners in the united states government doesn't want to release. when the decisions were made by the task force, less than 30, up the trial, recommended for trial, some were recommended for investment, detention without charge or trial because the government said there too dangerous to release and didn't have sufficient evidence to put the months while. and the category i have issues with it is important we rain focused on the prisoners who are cleared. very sober officials recommend approving prisoners for transfer out of guantanamo. surely all that is required is the most minimal kind of supervision. it is not the suggestion that they should go from one prison to another but that they should be released. i think primarily lawyers are involved and there is some concern. it isn't just reasons of security that they ap
Jan 14, 2013 12:30am EST
was still there. he was one of the yemeni prisoners. the united states government has decided that the ayman prisoners are terrorist threats. the point i want to make to everybody watching this is, think about what it means to be the government of the united states and clear people are released from guantanamo and not release them. compare that to some dreadful totalitarian regime that puts people in prison and throws away the key and says, that is the end of it. you will rot here. that is not honest. saying that we have our review process, but then we're not going to release you. that is more cruel than the dictatorship. until those men are released, that will be the situation. this apparently is not a great source of shame to many people. i do not understand why that is. if we were honestly saying that we would indefinitely detained these guys, and that is the and the story, it would be a different story. we would be attacking this from a different point of view. we're struggling to mobilize people to be outraged about this. we know that one of the stumbling blocks in this is congress. it
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm EST
not officially. the strike seems to have come out of the blue and must yemenis were going about life as usual. it was difficult to know where to start. the yemeni government claimed responsibility for the strike, saying he killed dozens of out, operatives. it was unclear who the targets really work or who was even responsible. >> that is jeremy scahill in yemen in the film that has just premiered at the sundance film festival called, "dirty wars: the world is a battlefield." jeremy? >> that was a scene where we were just first getting into what is happening on the ground in yemen. we learned about these series of missile strikes that have happened in december 2009. the first time that yemen had been bombed by the united states in seven years. in the process of looking at who the targets were, we understood that anwar awlaki, there had been an attempt to kill him bring it in fact, it had been announced awlaki had been killed. and that is how we discovered he was on the kill list but anwar awlaki is a u.s. citizen. the first bombing that happened december 17, 2009 or president obama directly au
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 3:00pm PST
. >> bret: a fox news alert. u.s. -yemeni operation off the coast of yemen. coast guard with the assistance of the u.s. navy there, intercepting a ship in territorial waters close to the arabian sea. boarding a vessel finding a large cache of illegal arms. including the service to air missiles, used to shoot down civilian and military aircraf aircraft. c-4 military grade explosion is. shells. i.e.d.s. it sounds like the vessel was packed with explosion evs and flew multiple flags and had eight yemeni crew members. said to be a big get for the u.s. and yemeni officials. just off the coast of yemen. just coming in as we speak. weapons shipment found off the coast of yemen. there have been multiple operations to try to stop the terrorist element in that area. multiple operation to go after terrorists inside yesmember now. a big stop in the waters there. a fifth straight day of violence in egypt. dozens have been killed. state of emergency has been declared. out of abundance of caution, american diplomats now shutting their doors and pulling out personnel. correspondent connor powell is monitor
Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
sitting here year after year are after year at guantanamo because of their citizenship, primarily yemeni, because we don't trust the yemeni government to be responsibility with the detainees, which is interesting because the had the cop sent of theem meni government to fly the drones. so it seems we're a bit hypocritical in our view of the yemen. and i think guantanamo remains a stain on our reputation. recently congress passed a bill that prohibits granting visas to members of the russian government accused of human rights violations, and president obama signed it. in retaliation the russian government passed a bill that prevents americans from adopting russian children. and president president putin be signing it, had a news conference and was quite angry about the bill our government passed and he said, who is the united states to condemn us about human rights when they have guantanamo. so, it remains a blight on our reputation and one that we waste an awful lot of money and an awful lot of credibility to keep open. seems like at this point, 11 years into it, it's become more of a, by
Jan 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
because of their citizenship. we don't trust the yemeni government to be responsible for the detainee's which i find interesting. the justification for the drone program is that we have the consent of the yemeni government. they are defined government when they give consent to kill people but not trust for the one comes to taking detainee's. it seems we are a bit hypocritical in our view of yemen. i think guantanamo remains a stain on our reputation. recently, congress passed a bill that prohibits granting visas to members of the russian government who abuse human rights violations. president obama signed it. in retaliation, the russian government passed a bill that prohibits americans from adopting russian children and president vladimir putin before signing it at a news conference was quite angry about the bill that our government passed. he said who is the united states to condemn us about human rights when it got guantanamo? it remains a blight on our reputation and one that we waste an awful lot of money and an awful lot of credibility to keep open. it seems like, a 11 years int
Jan 23, 2013 6:00pm EST
this month by outraged residents who've claimed the loss of civilian life. also on tuesday, a yemeni cabinet member became the first to forcefully criticize the drone strikes in public. hooria mashhour denounced the drone strikes and called on the yemeni government to conduct ground operations instead of bombings fromtless the sky. the u.s. declared militants as enemies can be targeted wherever they are found. all we are calling for is justice and reliance on international regulations and to be true to our commitment to our citizens and that they all deserve a fair trial. the u.s. has begun transporting french troops and equipment as part of its part of the pain he intervention in mali. the u.s. is also assisting france with intelligence, potentially with surveillance drones. at least 17 people were killed across iraq on tuesday in a series of bombings. the deadliest attack occurred where a suicide bomber killed seven people and wounded 24 near an army base. in israel, prime minister benjamin netanyahu has claimed victory in israel's national election. his right wing black armored -- emerged
FOX News
Jan 29, 2013 3:00pm PST
by a joint u.s. yemeni force. yemeni officials say it was carrying surface to air missiles. military grade explosives. and cache of many other munitions. >>> the u.s. air force says italian rescue teams recovered debris from what they believe is the f-16 jet that disappeared monday over the adriatic sea -. the pilot is captain lucas grunther. the search for him continues. main stream media feeds on its own over the president's "60 minutes" interview with secretary clinton. that is later in the grapevine. up next, the merits of change. the boy scouts and gays. in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ at all stations come
Jan 4, 2013 8:00am PST
for the first time it carried out a september attack in radda after the yemeni government initially tried to claim credit. according to "the washington post," militants in surrounding areas have gained more recruits for their fight against the u.s. backed yemeni government since that attack occurred. in southern iraq, a suicide bomber has killed at least 27 shiites and wounded dozens of others at a bus station. authorities say the bomber drove into the crowded station as pilgrims returned from a religious event. venezuela has released new information on the medical status of president hugo chavez, raising concerns about his health after a recent cancer surgery in cuba. ernesto villegas made remarks thursday. >> commandant a chavez has faced a severe lung infection. it causes breathing in sufficiency ever -- that causes him to comply with severe medical treatment. >> a pakistani schoolgirl who has been shot in the head by the taliban has been released from a hospital in britain. malala yousufzai is expected to return to the hospital in the coming weeks for reconstructive surgery to her sku
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm EST
, there was no word -- at least not officially. the strikes seem to come out of the blue. and most yemenis were going about life as usual. it was difficult to know where to start. the yemeni government claimed responsibility for the strikes, saying they killed dozens of kaukauna operatives. it was unclear who the targets really were. responsible.ven possibl >> an excerpt of "dirty wars: the world as a battlefield." that was jeremy scahill who co- wrote this documentary with their broker. use this as an example of how a film incubates and how remarkable this film is. this week there have been as many drone strikes and as many days, on inauguration day itself, u.s. drone attacks, five. this is what he takes on along with jsoc. >> the producers of this took this found to meet early on in said, we want to do this. so many of us know jeremy's work. his a from a nomina he is a phenomenal reporter. we funded them very early on to go and find the story and understand how jeremy himself could become a character and his own story and recreate in a way that are the course of the 75 minutes you watch the film, i
Jan 11, 2013 8:00pm EST
to release these people. a problem is also the yemenis. the underwear bomber on christmas day 2009. as though all yemenis are terrorist suspects. it has been too easy. so we have had this exaggeration before. [inaudible] it's a horrible message to be sending out to people and completely upsetting. the other issue there are prisoners in countries where there are still a few prisoners in guantÁnamo and some from the chinese government. they were all opponents of the dictator that has been deposed. the united states government has says they clearly want to talk about this. the first time that the united states and publicly said the names and identities of these prisoners, and the united states government doesn't want to hold back. now, we have been studying this and it appears that he knows too much. he knows the dark stories of guantÁnamo and afghanistan and he would be an embarrassment to the government of release. he is part of this whole situation and is a really good example of how neither government office issue. they can delay it because no one cares. yes, again, if we can push on this
Jan 28, 2013 1:00pm PST
. >> it came from the yemeni government that put the word out, not the pentagon. administration officials confirmed that on wednesday, the yemeni coast guard and the u.s. navy conducted an operation off the yemeni coast in yemeni waters, captured and intercepted a small dow fishing vessel and what they found was shocking. let me read some of what was found on board. they found a large cache of weapon with missiles that can shoot down aircraft. c 4 military grade explosives and 122 military shells. bomb-making equipment and the whole lot of it. a boarding party from both of yemeni and the american side approached this small dow, boarded it and took control of the material. they are now investigating whether iran might have been responsible for this. they are looking for the documentation for the ship trying to figure out where it came from. >> glad they intercepted the ship. thanks very much. >> president obama got input on easing gun violence from law enforcement official who is deal with and death situations every day. >> the talks came on the heels of surprising statements about the pre
FOX News
Jan 23, 2013 2:00am PST
. yemeni government old testament officials haven't confirmed his death. >> the republican controlled house expected to vote on a bill to temporarily raise the nation's borrowing limit through may 18th. the current limit $16.4 trillion. without raising it the u.s. falls on its obligation the first time ever. it is expected to pass. the new budget no pay provision. it would withhold pay if they fail to pass a budget t. has been four years since the democratically controlled senate passed one. >> dramatic video capturing a helicopter as it crash lands in into the middle of a neighborhood. >> hey, chris, call 911. >> i'll say call 911. this happened in mesa, arizona. the pilot was shaken up but amazingly walks away completely unharmed. he manage to do avoid hitting any wires or homes and skimmed the side of a fire hydrant. the faa is now investigating. the aircraft may have had some sort of power failure. that is your 5@5:00. have you frozen your fingers off yet? the takeover the midwest and northeast. >> the coldest place was in minnesota 36 degrees below zero there. those temperatures are bl
Jan 15, 2013 9:00am PST
. >> we only have a minute left, but i was just thinking about the yemeni cleric's 16-year-old son who was killed two weeks after his father was killed in a drones strike. >> people will hate us more for doing this and invading the sovereignty of pakastani, yemen, as so many countries. the united states is acting with impunity. the biggest issue is that in the history of empires, and they have all fallen, no one has had a monopoly on any weapon, ever. predator drones will be made by other people and they will be coming this way or to our bases under the -- bases around the world. we're very vulnerable, and mostly of created hatred. >> when we started our drone yemen, there were 300 a qaeda man -- 300 of qaeda members. now there are 700 or 800. to the operators here, they are bugs buts. >> we have to get a comprehensive peace plan. weeping cannot be the allied air. we have to join -- we cannot be the allied air -- outlier. obama call thus the indispensable nation. the united states has been slowly militarizing, a full spectrum dominance of air, land, s.c., space, a cyberspace. going to
Jan 1, 2013 9:00am PST
the clips' authenticity but the u.s. and yemeni governments are taking them seriously. militants offered $23,000 for the killing of an american soldier in yemen. analysts say militants may be affiliated with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the powerful bran inch yemen. >> they've been looking for a way to hit the u.s., whether the u.s. ambassador in yemen which they attacked in september of 2008 or carrying out more attacks here in the united states. >> reporter: this is the same group that came close to detonating a bomb in the underwear of a militant in the 2009 christmas day plot to the bomb an airliner bound for detroit. it attempted to send printer bombs to the u.s. the following year. and tried again this year to bomb a plane bound for the u.s. it's also not the first time al qaeda or an affiliate has offered gold for the killing of a prominent american. >> the example, paul brem, the most important american military official in iraq during the bush administration and bin laden himself offered substantial goal reward for basically for his death. >> reporter: no one got to bremer. od
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 4:00pm PST
. the vessel flew multiple flags and had 8 yemeni crew members on board but it is not clear tonight what the point of gin gin -- origin was. >> construction accident in texas has apparently turned deadly. this is the scene frisco, texas, just to the north of dallas. according to our local station there. crews were installing a new pipeline and the trench collapsed. a man trapped inside. officials tell local media he died. more on this as it comes in. this will be the year congress finally gets it done. that's what one senator is saying about a new bipartisan push for immigration reform. 8 republicans, 8 democrats, say they have agreed on a plan that includes, actually four and four. agreed on a plan of the controversial so-called path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. only after the feds improved border security. and the tracking of people here on visas. president obama set to talk about immigration reform tomorrow in las vegas. and the white house says this senate plan is a big deal. >> the president believes it's very important that we move forward on comprehensive imm
Jan 21, 2013 3:00pm PST
been killed in u.s. drone strike inside yemen. yemeni government says the attack of four militants but the claim has not been independently verified. the attack comes one day after those of anger of the drone attacks blocked a main road linking the targeted town with the capital. the obama administration meanwhile reportedly has decided to exclude cia drone strikes in pakist from new legal oversight for targeted killings overseas. the washington post reports counter-terrorism adviser and cia-nominee john brennan has signed off on a plan to exempt the drone attacks in pakistan from a list of operations that would be covered under newly enacted rules. areas covered in the so-called play book include the process for adding names to kill lists, the principles for killing u.s. citizens abroad, and the command chain for authorizing cia or u.s. military strikes outside war zones. the exemption of drone strikes in pakistan would allow the cia to continue carrying them without -- tearing them without a legal framework for a to two years. the hostage standoff in a jury of his ended in the de
Jan 24, 2013 4:00pm PST
regulations. >>> the yemeni government has confirmed the top leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is dead. he died after being wounded in a counterterrorism operation. apparently he died at the end of last year. we just found out about it today. the government says he was buried by al qaeda-linked militants as an undisclosed location. his death could impact al qaeda's fund-raising ability, but someone else will take his place. >>> it has been 539 days since the united states lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? well, the number of americans filing for new jobless benefits fell again last week, hitting a five-year low for the second week running, and that is good news. >>> and in our fourth story "outfront," an imminent threat. the united states is warning americans to stay out of benghazi, libya, the site of the deadly attack four months ago. this comes as the british government warns of a specific and imminent threat to westerners in that city. germany and the netherlands also told their citizens to leave immediately. the terror threat in north africa is
Jan 29, 2013 4:00pm PST
us the yemeni government claims iran has been supplying the insurgents with weapons for years. the united states has only recently believed them. >>> apple is releasing a new ipad. it doubles the tablet's current maximum capacity. 128 gigabites. that means you can store 100 dvd quality movies or 30,000 songs. i don't even use apps. the only other thing that changes is the price which starts at $799 for wifi only. it is set for release february 5th but editor in chief of "laptop" magazine tells us the timing is curious, given they are releasing their latest tablet on the 9th. apple is trying to steal a little of their thunder. >>> we are learning more about the fire in which 234 people were killed in brazil. a santa maria police department inspectors says fireworks used by the band that night were intended for outdoor use and accuses the band of intentionally purchasing the fireworks because they were cheaper than those for indoor use. he also said investigators found evidence of faulty and fake fire extinguishers. fake fire extinguishers. here in the united states, robert sol
FOX News
Jan 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
.s. government to cooperate with yemeni government. yemen yeez are very cultural. this is not been the case in yemen. rarely do you see them. >> greta: jakim, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> greta: there is new pain in july air, gunman opened fire during a midnight showing over the midnight showing of batman. tonight families of the murder victims outrage bid an invitation to the reopening of the movie theater asking them to attend a special evening of remembrance when it reopens this month. the family calling the invitation disgusting and apalling and sending scathing response to cinemark saying we didn't think anyone or anything could make our grief worse but you have managed to do just that by sending us an invitation two days after christmas inviting us to attend the reopening of your theater where our loved ones were massacred. families are calling for a boycott of the movie theater. and coming up, a camera man becomes a star of the sport he's covering. you have to see this. you won't believe this one, but you'll see it that. is next. sometimes what we suffer from is bigger
Jan 1, 2013 11:00am PST
grabs posted by militants. we can't verify the clip's authenticity, but the u.s. and yemeni governments are taking them seriously. the militants also offered $23,000 for the killing of an american soldier in yemen. analysts say the militants may be affiliated with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the terror group's powerful branch in yemen. >> they have really been looking for a way to hit the united states, whether the u.s. embassy in yemen, which they attacked in september of 2008, or carrying out more attacks here in the united states. >> reporter: this is the same group that came close to detonating a bomb in the underwear of a militant in the 2009 christmas day plot to bomb an airliner bound for detroit. it attempted to send printer bombs to the u.s. the following year and tried again this year to bomb a plane bound for the u.s. it is also not the first time al qaeda or an affiliate has offered gold for the killing of a prominent american. >> the example that leaps to mind is paul bremmer who was the most important american nonmilitary official in iraq during the george w. bush a
FOX News
Jan 23, 2013 3:00am PST
in the deadly bombing at the u.s. embassy in yemen in 2009. in 2010, though, the yemeni government claimed it captured him and in 2012, yemeni news sites reported he was killed in a drone strike. >>> we were promised beyonce, but did we get millivanilli instead? o say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ >> gretchen: beyonce under fire now after a spokesperson for the marine band says she performed to a prerecorded track at the inauguration. but hours later, the marines backed off that claim. right now no word from the white house. the inauguration committee or beyonce herself. those are your headlines. what sparked this whole thing was that she had tweeted out photos apparently from the day before when she was actually in a recording studio, which we have found out now is protocol for people who are going to perform at the inauguration. they do all record tracks because as four years ago what happened, the cellist and violinist could not perform because as a violinist, we all know when that's too cold, your fingers can't do it. that's why they did that. >> brian: he hand faked. >>
FOX News
Jan 29, 2013 3:00am PST
: let's see how that plays out. here are some of your headlines. yemeni seized a sail goat suspected of smuggling arms. it was intercepted, yemeni coast guard officers found a huge cache of weapons, including surface to air missiles, rocket propelled grenades and c-4 military grade explosives. a yemen official says this is the third incident in just two months. >> steve: a brand-new investigation revealing a probe on the company is building a windpower plant in the same place where a coal plant closed. duke energy building two major wind power projects down in texas. the daily caller says that is a little too close for comfort. >> duke energy, a company you'll remember that lent $10 million to the democratic party for its convention this summer in charlotte and whose ceo has expressed interest in becoming the obama administration's energy secretary. in other words, a company with close ties to the obama administration. >> steve: that's got to be a coincidence. chase power says it was forced to abandon plans fort coal plant because of the epa's tough coal regulations. the plan would h
Jan 29, 2013 1:00pm PST
're talking about this massive arms shipment that the yemeni authorities captured. a sailboat full of arms. basically, now, what a u.s. official is telling us is they've confirmed that there are certain markings on those weapons that confirm that they came from iran. specifically, iran's revolutionary guard corps. we're talking about explosives, heavy ammunition. but most importantly, some surface-to-air missiles, the kind that could shoot down civilian or military aircraft. we know that the u.s. special operations forces have been training forces in yemen, also conducting drone strikes there. if iran is providing that kind of heavy weaponry, it really raises the stakes in this sort of proxy fight over yemen, wolf. >> chris lawrence, at the pentagon, with important information. chris, thank you. speech for president obama, but immigration plan may have little to no chance of passing in congress. >>> plus, meet the senator praised today as the best python hunter in the u.s. senate. ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they ha
Jan 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
on the requests to bomb yemeni territory and, are you able to share any of that analysis with us and elaborate on the locations that the u.k. policy regarding arms transfers to saudi arabia? >> well we followed that particular situation. this is in 2009 and, and we followed that closely the time of the conflict between saudi arabia and the tribes. we don't believe the british equipment was used inappropriately or in breach of consolidated criteria. the defense relationship with saudi arabia includes the provision of training for saudi military personnel and our training military training establishments which includes training on international humanitarian law, human rights, and accountability, and so we have no reason to believe that our criteria were breached in this situation. >> quickly ask a general question. given the policies of this committee we screened multiple times, just asking a general question, can you demonstrate any cases or kpap peltz where the consequence of foreign offices review of export policy transfers authority to a regime we actually -- >> we did, as the committee know
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